081819P-Nothing Shall Offend Them pt2.mp3

Posted on 23 Aug 2019, Pastor: Dr Gregg Nash

Psalm 119:165 & 1 Samuel 25

To the degree I love God’s law is the degree I won’t get offended at people’s behavior

OFFEND – A Stumbling Block that can cause you to fall and bring about your ruin

Song – Dead People Don’t Get Offended by Tricia Crabtree

Some folks are never satisfied, and always are complainin’

The live to be offended by what people are sayin’

They say that it’s the Teacher’s fault,

When their kid’s grades are failin’

And blames the Coach when their son’s on

The bench instead of playin’.


Folks get mad at the Preacher and his long sermons too.

And get upset when someone sittin’ in their favorite pew.

To be a sweeter Christian, I know this to be true:

If they die to self and live for Christ,

It will change their attitude.


Great peace have they which love thy law

And nothing shall offend them

It’s a verse you should remember,

When people hurt your feelings.

Just knock that guy named “CHIP” right off

Your shoulder then you’ll know.

If you die each day you won’t get mad,

‘Cause dead people won’t get offended.


Political correctness is in the church house too.

Some folks won’t crucify the flesh Or die to self its true.
Their always scoping out the church To find someone to sue.

They’ll call their lawyer on the phone, for the ACLU.


We’d be more Christlike if we learned

The lesson from the grave.

Then folks won’t get their feelings hurt Or worry what folks say.

They can’t talk back or criticize or try to get their way.

So we should live unto the LORD, And die to self each day.